12 week program New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Barbering Level 4

This course leads to the New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Barbering L4
after completing 780 hours more working as a Commercial Barber

Cost: $6589.00 incl. GST

New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Barbering Level 4

Class ID Description
31946 Demonstrate knowledge of skin and hair for barbering
19808 Select and maintain barbering tools and equipment
28845 Demonstrate safe and professional practice in the salon environment
2866 Shampoo hair and scalp
28848 Apply knowledge of common hair and scalp conditions to complete a limited scope consultation
2886 Design and shape beards and moustaches
10647 Wet shave facial hair using a cutthroat razor
10645 Describe the development of barbering
10650 Perform Barbering Services in a commercial Barbering workplace
10648 Complete a haircut using barbering techniques
19805 Blow dry hair using barbering techniques
28017 Converse and interact to create and maintain an atmosphere suitable for a barbershop

To complete the program

Evidence must be shown of experience in a salon (you choose where) working for a total of 780 hours completing the requirements of these unit standards.

Final assessment will be made after completion of total hours, evidence is provided, a portfolio is submitted and the student has shown that the level of competence has been met. Then the New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Barbering L4 will be issued.

Students must have a full Barbers kit to work as a barber. If you do not have a full kit, we can supply a professional kit for an
extra cost of approx. $900.00

Entry Requirements

Entry is open to students who are over the age of 16 years, and who have a strong interest in barbering.

A successful applicant to our program will have strong commitment and a desire to succeed

Current Enrollment Application

Cutthroat shave classes

Wet Shaving is an ancient Art that has come back into fashion. Increase your client services and learn this skill.

After completing the course and assessment requirements. This class can lead to unit standard 19807 to enable you to
complete your Barbering Qualification.

Cost: $200.00 Payable on enrolment

Phone: (09) 929-1150
Mobile: 021-044-0708

Hone Your Barber skills


This course is ideal for hairdressers and Barbers that need to work on finishing techniques and more advanced Barbering.

This class can be customized to suit the group needs.

Must have minimum 2 years Hairdressing or 1 year Barbering experience.

Cost: $300.00, Equipment provided

Class runs for 3 hours

Phone: (09) 929-1150
Mobile: 021-044-0708


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