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Neville Spence

Founder | Barber | Adult Educator

Founder of Mr. BARBER, Mr. BARBER Training Center and is a founding member of Barbers Association of New Zealand . Developed the Dynamic Training Program. Barbering since 1967 in New Zealand and Australia. Won multiple competitions in New Zealand and Australia.

Geurt Renzenbrink

 Hairdresser | Barber | Tutor | Trichologist

Joined Mr. Barber Compony in 2000. Has been in the industry since 1972.

Jacqui Spence

Director | Co-Ordinator

Director and Co-Ordinator od Mr. BARBER Training Center.


Tomas Houghton

Barber | Tutor | Adult Educator | Babershop owner

Terry Gautusa

Barber | Tutor | Adult Educator

Master section winner at Barbercraft. Place winner at Barber Wars NZ.

Wayne Joubert

Barber | Tutor | Adult Educator | Barbershop Owner

Winner Neville Spence Barber of the year at Barber Wars NZ 2019.

Kendall Brown

Barber | Tutor | Adult Educator

Worked at Mr. Barber since completing the Training program. Mentored trainee Barbers during the 14 years she worked at Mr. Barber. Opened her own Barbershop Uppercut Barbers.

Alex Burnett

Barber | Tutor | Adult Educator


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